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Carbondale DUI & Counseling Associates, Inc. has ceased providing all DUI/substance abuse services at both the Carbondale and Marion Locations.

All Carbondale DUI client records have been transferred to Gateway Foundation as of 10/21/2022 to be maintained and stored for five years.  Gateway Foundation is licensed with the State of Illinois and offers all DUI services including updated evaluations for previous Carbondale DUI clients.  The Gateway Foundation location where the Carbondale DUI client files are being maintained is 1080 E. Park St., Carbondale, IL 62901. More information regarding Gateway Foundation, the Carbondale location can be found at

Please check the State of Illinois website for the list of other licensed providers in your area at

Additionally, Carbondale DUI & Counseling Associates, Inc. has started doing business as Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois as of November 1, 2022.  At Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois we offer outpatient mental health services, along with SAP for DOT evaluations.  However, we do not provide any DUI services.  For more information regarding Sage Counseling of Southern Illinois, call 618-993-3013 or visit our website at

We look forward to continue working with the members of our community, the judicial system and other area providers to meet the growing mental health and psychiatric needs in the southern Illinois area. 

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